Friday, May 26, 2017
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NATO and Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC)  disclaim any overall liability from any inappropriate, improper or fraudulent  use of the information provided on this site.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, its Administration, its international civilian staff, any individual or legal entity, any public, semi-public or private administrative entity that has contributed in any way to the preparation, composition or promulgation of NATO/JFTC data and of any related information or documentation, hereby disclaim any overall liability arising from any inappropriate, improper or fraudulent use of the data provided to subscribers. Furthermore, neither the Organisation, nor members of its Staff shall be held liable for any financial or other consequences whatsoever arising from such inappropriate, improper or fraudulent use. Moreover, the Organisation reserves the right to initiate any legal action it shall deem necessary.
The Organisation undertakes solely to provide to users of NATO data that information which the Organisation deems, on the basis of its own criteria and in its Sovereign discretion, to be appropriate for disclosure.
The consultation or use of NATO data shall automatically imply full acceptance of the above disclaimer of liability. This site was designed by JFTC Public Information Office in cooperation with NATO Headquarters.

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